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It costs you nothing to sell your property with us. Simply send us your details and we will get back to you within minutes to discuss your requirements.



Are you a motivated seller who wants to sell property fast without any hassle or costs?

We work with private landlords, accidental landlords, private homeowners, commercial property owners, investors and businesses needing a straightforward property sale.

We specialise in distressed properties.


Fire Damaged Properties

Invasive Plant Damaged Properties


Vandalised and Raided Properties

Potential Repossessed Properties

Flood Damaged Properties

Structurally Damaged Properties

Abondend Disused Properties

Non-Standard Constrution Properties

We purchase freehold real-estate anywhere in the UK, in any condition regardless of the situation.

Has the economic landscape changed making it no longer lucrative to own a rented investment property or perhaps rising mortgage repayments has squeezed your monthly rental margins?
Are you an accidental landlord? Did you inherit a property portfolio and don’t feel capable of managing due it other work and family commitments?
Did you take on a building project which unfortunately swallowed up capital and you no longer have the resources to complete it? Or perhaps you simply have run out of steam?
Perhaps there has been illicit or illegal activity taking place and the damage left behind has caused considerable economical and emotional damage and you think it would be best to simply part ways?
Perhaps you have inherited a home and want to cash in on the property whilst property prices are still strong? Or you simply don't have the budget to carry out the remedial works necessary?
Did you take on a project which has swallowed up capital and you can no longer finish it?

We can agree a sale and conclude a sale in a little as 3 days.

Our solicitors specialise in dealing with cash sales and we have funds available to complete any sale in just 3 days.

We do not carry out any searches or rely on mortgages in principle. We can go as quickly as you and your solicitors can move!

  • Will you require viewings on the Property?
    We do not necessarily require viewings on a property and instead can rely on photos or videos if you have them. If you don’t then do not worry. We have purchased many properties without ever seeing them in person.
  • The Property has a sitting tenant, is this an issue?
    We purchase many properties with long term sitting tenants which have refused entry to a property and/or refused to leave the property long after their tenancy contract has come to an end. Our legal team are trained in the matters and well versed to deal with any type of tenancy issue.
  • I am in negative equity.
    We will offer you the fairest price on your property although this may fall below your initial purchase price leaving you with an outstanding balance you have to plug.
  • I originally signed up with an estate agent and have to pay commission even if I sell the property outside of their scope.
    It is not uncommon for estate agents to tie the sale down so that they get paid regardless of whether or not they sell the property. Their argument is often that without them listing the property nobody else would have been able to know it was for sale. So regardless of whether they have active enough the fees generally have to be paid. However we can take care of this for you. It is something we deal with a lot so let us know any previous correspondence and history trying to sell the property.
  • The property has been empty for along time.
    That is completely fine. We’ve been in the property business a whole so believe us when we tell you; we’ve seen it all and are completely unphased by the condition of your property.
  • My investment property has been left in a mess and has junk left from previous tenants
    Don’t worry about cleaning up the mess left behind by tenants, especially if your not physically and/or financially able to do so. We won’t judge you if the property is spic-and-span – its very common for properties to be left need a good clean and were more than happy to clear any junk.
  • I have previously has boundary issues, will this effect a potential sale?
    Boundary issues are a common factor why many homeowners and private landlords decide to sell their property. It can be a nightmare trying to reach an amicable solution and matters can sometimes drag on for months or even years. If your property has an ongoing boundary issue, simply disclose what the problem is and we will provide you with options when provide you with a price.
  • The property has fallen into complete disrepair and is no longer mortgageable
    That is completely fine. We buy properties in all states of disrepair.
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Apartment Complex

Off market property.

If you have a property not yet on the open market and you would prefer a direct discreet sale then we can help you. 

Simply send us your details and one of our represantives will respond within 24 hours.

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